A day in the life of a... Business Development Executive

By Catriona Macleod | 06 Sep 2013

Name: Dean Grimshawe

Bio:  Well...... I actually graduated with a BSc/ Hons degree in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and then did all manner of jobs until I ended up in the world of sales and marketing where I've worked in many different roles from door to door to account management.


Describe your role within Greenlight and a summary of what you do.

My number one responsibility within Greenlight is to introduce the agency to new prospects. This entails being involved in marketing, lead generation and nurturing new relationships.

What skills do you need in your role?

The role demands for me to be self motivated, disciplined, enthusiastic, positive and action oriented.

Describe a typical working day...

  • 7am: Leave the house with my family in tow on route to the train station where they drop me off in order to start my commute to work. By this point I'll have dressed and organised my son and daughter who are both under 3 and hopefully managed to get myself dressed and organised in the process!
  • 9am: Have the PC fired up and ready and starting to wade through a ton of emails as I organise my day. Scan my diary, tot up my 'to do' list and get myself fired up for another productive day.
  • 11am: By this point I'll be manning the phones and responding to emails in a bid to introduce myself to Digital Managers and Marketing Directors across the land and ensure they know all about the glorious company that is Greenlight Digital!
  • 1pm: At this point I'll be powering to the gym for a lunch time phys session. I like to mix it up with a weights session, circuit training or some good old interval training to get the blood pumping. And then I land back at my desk afterwards exhausted and prepare to do round 2 at the PC.
  • 3pm: Back on the prospecting and relationship building and speaking to as many people as possible. Can't stop I've got calls to make!
  • 5pm: At this stage I'm wondering where the day went and taking another look at that 'to do' list to see how much I managed to scrub off and what needs to carry over for the next day. Remember, today isn't finished until tomorrow is planned.
  • 6pm: At this time I'll be heading home on the train via Farringdon with my iPhone playing me a podcast with some interviews/ tips about all things fitness and nutrition. Always learning!             


What do you like/dislike about your job?

I like talking to lots of people and I like my colleagues who I work with.

I dislike being stuck at a desk all day staring at a screen and feel restless with funny eyes by the end of it. Just glad I manage to burn some energy at the gym at lunchtimes.

What advice would you give to a budding Business Development Executive?

I'd say take the time to plan properly, even if it means taking a few moments out. And when it's time to get the job done....... work hard! All results happen because of action but to act without thinking and adequate preparation makes you STUPID.

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