A day in the life of a… Content Strategy Manager

By Evi Sianna | 04 Jun 2018

Name: Evi Sanna

So, what do you do?

As a Content Strategy Manager, I oversee the Strategy team and I'm responsible for developing and implementing collaborative campaigns that are aligned to our clients' objectives. My role also entails planning data-driven strategies and ideas that are engaging and will secure high authority links.

What's on the agenda for today?

09h00: I usually start my day with a cup of coffee and a quick chat with the team about how their evening or weekend was. I'll then go through some industry blogs related to content strategy and SEO before diving into my emails and to do list.

11h00: By this time, I'll be reviewing some wireframes for a very exciting project and preparing a deck for one of our client's quarterly business reviews (QBR) taking place next week.

12h00: I'll be preparing some content for my team's upcoming Knowledge Share, during which I'll be talking about some interesting insights shared at the BrightonSEO conference which I attended in April. I'll also be chatting to the team about new ways of approaching strategy and campaigns. We're keen to stay ahead of the game, so we regularly share thoughts and feedback on industry changes and consider how these might be important for our accounts.

14h00: I'll be preparing for some afternoon meetings.

16h00: I'll be attending a weekly session with the Strategy team, during which all of us will share some cool campaign examples and analyse them in terms of execution, look and feel, and performance. This helps us take learnings around content patterns that are most likely to be linked to and shared.

17h00: I'll be back at my desk reviewing a scope of work for a very exciting campaign for one of our clients.

17h30: I'll be wrapping up, prioritising tasks on my list for the next day, and then reading a few more industry blogs before leaving for the day.

What's the best thing about your job?

I really enjoy the creative side of things. It's interesting to come up with ideas, even for more challenging verticals, and see them develop and come to life from planning stage to execution.

I also enjoy the strategy and data side of things; really getting to the bottom of understanding our audiences' online behaviour as well as taking into consideration ever-changing technology advancements.

Our industry's dynamic nature pushes us to always find ways to improve and increase our knowledge, in turn allowing us to create more effective campaigns.

What's for lunch?

I try to bring food from home most days. Today, I have a tasty couscous with chicken and vegetables that I prepared last night, but if I don't bring in my own food I normally buy sushi or a salad.

How did you get started in digital marketing?

After my master's degree in Advertising and Marketing in Leeds, I interned at a small eCommerce company looking after their social media and then doing some blogger outreach. My next two roles revolved around blogger outreach and content ideation, where I'd participate in brainstorming and research to try and understand what types of content our audiences would engage with. When I moved to London, I decided to specialise in content strategy, and a few years later I started working at Greenlight.

Plans this evening?

I'm going to the BBQ Club London in Southbank with friends to taste street food delicacies.

What's the coolest thing you've learned on the job?

Working with several different brands and in different verticals both nationally and internationally has helped me improve my strategic thinking and adapt recommendations to different client needs accordingly, which I've really enjoyed.

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