How operating search with the right keys can kick-start great link earning

By Luke Berry | 08 May 2015

If I move flat and get a new set of keys, I make a point to learn, by sight and touch, the correct key to unlock the front door. Otherwise, I'm wasting my time. Common sense? 'Course it is. 

In this blog post,  and in this industry, that set of keys sit on a keyboard and combine to form the search terms we type into Google's search bar. Finding and knowing the correct string of search terms, before you begin your research, is where we can stop wasting our time reading through irrelevant SERPs - search engine results page (sorry algorithm). 

In my case, the most recent search was for resource links pages within a very specific and limited niche. It could have been a tough and limited vertical to go for earning links. However, in that small niche lived a resource page, amongst others, and after outreaching the webmaster it resulted in arguably the best link I have ever achieved. 

I found that page with this string: "niche industry"

I'll be clear, using the correct search operators can only help you find the page that might link to or cover your campaign. To be successful, this keyring of search operators must keep company with fantastic content and a solid communications strategy. 

The inspiration for this piece came from Himanshu Sharma's 10,000 search engine queries for your link building campaign. Skim and bookmark it for future reference. It is a no-nonsense resource that has gathered the search operators relevant to your outreach campaign. 

To read more into search operators, read Sharma's post and utilise the right set of keys for what you're looking for.

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