Our Creative Director and Digital Account Director speaking at Festival of Marketing 2019

By Katrina Makins | 01 Aug 2019

We're pleased to announce that our Creative Director, Matt Garbutt, and Digital Account Director, Ben Cook-Northrop, will be speaking at this year's Festival of Marketing event, which is taking place on 10-11th October in London. The Festival of Marketing is one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year in any marketer’s calendar, offering more than 200 workshops, speaker sessions, training, and experience rooms to senior level marketers, and providing a space to discover, learn, celebrate, and shape the future together. The event covers a broad range of topics, including: AI & Tech Innovation, Brand & Creative, Content, Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, Personalisation, Social, and much more.

Nobody ever got anywhere by playing safe. Take a f**king risk.

Matt and Ben’s session “Nobody ever got anywhere by playing safe. Take a f**king risk.” will be taking place on the Creative Brand Thinking stage, and will look at why ads are often ignored and forgotten, followed by how to remedy this with tools that brands already have to hand in order to make their ads more memorable. The session aims to highlight the value of a test and learn approach and knowing when to take risks because, ultimately, ads that aren’t impactful just won’t cut through today’s noise. In order to demonstrate the value of being memorable, Matt and Ben will be presenting their talk in a less conventional way – but we won’t spoil the surprise!

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how easy it is to play it safe and why it doesn’t pay off in terms of impact, and will learn how to go about taking risks using tools and techniques already available to them.


See Matt and Ben speak at the Festival of Marketing on 11th October at 11h05-11h40.

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