C-Suite Sessions with The Chat Shop

By Greenlight | 26 Apr 2021

Greenlight's CEO, Andreas Porous, has joined forces with Deri Jones, CEO at thinkTribe to host a series of vodcasts with other industry leaders. The C-Suite Sessions is a forum for c-level people across the industry to come together, share their knowledge and experiences, and chat through any challenges they might be facing while navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.

In this episode, we welcome Joe Bush, CEO at The Chat Shop.

AI chatbots have been a big trend in digital for years, yet chatbot tech hasn't progressed at the pace everyone expected. Joe talks to us about how to get the best results from chat, why big businesses are still using poor versions, and how you can use chat to gain true customer insight.

We also discuss the importance of great CX, the difficulties of overcoming client silos, and how you can make your business stand out in a commoditised market.

Fancy being the next C-Suite Sessions guest? Let us know!