Laura Ashley

Delivering an integrated, long-term and effective paid search strategy for Laura Ashley

The Objectives

Running cost-effective generics campaigns (campaigns targeted at generic keywords) can be a difficult task, so in order to set up a best-in-class strategy, we sought to tailor generic keywords to the Laura Ashley brand and products. As such, our objectives were to:

  • Re-build all generics to attract better quality traffic
  • Generate conversions through generics
  • Achieve positive ROI
  • Increase volume of new users to site

The Strategy

We set up a two-pronged strategy which was more comprehensive and focused on the Laura Ashley brand in order to achieve our objectives:

  • We developed a long-tail keyword strategy (removing any existing broad terms) based on core categories to focus on
  • We ensured our keyword strategy was specific and aligned with the Laura Ashley brand, focusing on areas such as colour, pattern and materials linked to its product line
  • We created tailored ad copies which were highly relevant to each product
  • We utilised best practice data to develop an innovative approach to achieve a high Quality Score and to increase click-through rate

The Results

We achieved some fantastic results based on the  ‘bedding’, ‘cushions’, ‘rugs’ and ‘throws’ categories:

  • Last click ROAS went from -48% to 56%
  • Clicks increased by 144%
  • Average CPC decreased by 39.54%
  • CTR increased by 701.50%
  • Last click transactions increased by 113.92%
  • Last click revenue increased by 350.92%
  • New site visitors brought in through paid traffic increased by 16.13%