Using expertise and best practice to redesign and re-platform Thomsons’ website

The Objectives

As part of the website redesign and re-platforming project, our key objectives were to: 

  • Create a site based on best practice user experience (UX) and SEO principles
  • Provide a consistent and user-friendly brand experience
  • Deliver a self-serve CMS
  • Increase page load speed
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase organic SEO traffic
  • Increase site engagement levels

The Strategy

In order to deliver a consistent, valuable user journey and power its new site with facets conducive to improved SEO, we worked on four core areas for Thomsons:

  • UX: We conducted in-person user testing and analysis on the existing Thomsons website and used those insights to create an engaging journey on its new site
  • Brand refresh & UI design: We brought to life a refreshed brand identity, enriched with updated iconography and imagery
  • Copywriting: Our copywriting team injected fresh energy into brand messaging with new on-site copy
  • Marketing efficiency:
    • CMS: The full capabilities of Umbraco, a self-serve CMS platform, were used to create an extremely flexible back-end system for the Thomsons’ marketing team
    • Pardot integration: We completed a successful Pardot integration to maximise Thomsons’ marketing automation investment

The Results

We delivered a user-friendly, SEO-focused new website for Thomsons, which was injected with new brand assets and site copy. This approach led to some fantastic site metric improvements:

  • A 62% increase in page load speed
  • An 8.5% bounce rate reduction
  • A 20% increase in organic traffic through SEO-focused build
  • A 6.5% increase in site engagement levels