Agile, adaptable, alert: Why copywriting in 2022 needs athleticism

By Hasna Haidar | 24 Jun 2021

You wouldn’t expect an article about trends in 2022 to crop up in the balmy heights of 2021. But, that’s exactly what Better Marketing’s Edgaras Katinas did, in his top 10 recommendations for marketers for the year starting six months from now. In fact, his visionary approach might be the quintessential demonstration of future trends.

A reason to take action

There are a variety of reasons why an energy-filled, proactive, forward-thinking attitude is so apt for today’s marketing and copywriting worlds. With 2020 spent retreated in a cocoon of our own homes and social corners, and 2021 signalling an emergence back into the world, there have been two key trends in both years that’ll permeate into 2022.

In 2020, many of us re-evaluated what’s important in life (and in the marketing and business world). In 2021, we turned those revelations into action points. In doing so, individuals, brands and marketers took their future into their own hands, which is exactly what Katinas’ recommendations for 2022 ultimately boil down to.

Tips like creating online events, owning one’s audiences via social media, building a brand image and creating thought leadership pieces all demand alert proactivity from a brand, marketer or copywriter. Much like athletes prepping for a big game, it’s all on the individual to make sure they’re doing the legwork that’s needed to score big when it matters.

A lesson for copywriters

With all this forward momentum, copywriters can’t fall behind. If you haven’t critically evaluated your own performance over the past couple of years, do so now. If you’ve already figured out where you shine and where you need to practice a few more runs, that prep work will help you score high in 2022.

Next time you write a piece of copy, take inspiration from elite athletes to make your copy stand the test of fast-paced time:

  • Supreme focus and situational awareness: Be aware of the context in which you’re writing, who you’re writing to, and all the talking points that have been covered in the past by those that came before you. This alertness will ensure you don’t miss anything important. And, if you need to pop your “Do not disturb” on to achieve this, go right ahead.
  • Desire and motivation: Think outside the box for creative inspiration, and keep an eye on dwindling passions. Is there a new way of writing, or a new type of content you can adapt to keep things fresh?
  • Positivity and self-belief: Give your copy a pep in its step by exuding positivity about the untapped potential of your own abilities. That optimism may help keep your copy agile and full of bounding life.

By putting in the hours and adopting the right mindset, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever 2022 brings; no matter how much of a (mental) workout it may be.