An Introduction to the Hybris China Accelerator

By Kevin Murray | 02 Sep 2014

What is it?

The Hybris China Accelerator is a pre-built reference application designed specifically for deploying an eCommerce store in the Chinese marketplace.

It allows companies to expand their digital offering to Chinese consumers with a ready-to-use omni-channel commerce solution, including pre-configured yet highly customisable storefront templates, pre-integrations and plugins. All of these have been designed specifically to address the unique technical requirements and cultural expectations of Chinese digital consumers. 

What's the purpose?

Businesses entering into this market over the last few years have learned that these consumers expect a different journey to suit their behaviour, and so the features provide a more culturally-relevant shopping journey and digital experience for consumers in China.

Given that implementing an eCommerce project is challenging enough in itself, this is certainly a massive stepping stone, when you are faced with a whole new set of business requirements, restrictions and consumer habits.

For example:

- Chinese consumers expect a much more highly-visual digital experience, featuring larger images and product banners.

- They generally opt for click-through navigation vs search functionality.

- They use completely different partner sites from western countries including maps, search and social networking websites.

Companies must adjust to these nuances to be successful in the Chinese market, and there are some core features that allow for an accelerated delivery to this market using Hybris.

For example:

- Language and currency support for Simplified Chinese and Renminbi.
- Key design and content experience including horizontal navigation and facet search display. Also support for dynamic scrolling to support endless page listing experience.
- Social network integration to the popular Weibo and QQ platforms.
- Store finder using Baidu Maps.
- Checkout enhancements including pre-integration to Alipay and support for using Invoice Request via fapiao.

All of this is built on a winning omni-channel framework

All of the above are underpinned by the core hybris omni-channel framework that includes features and tooling such as:

- Integrated promotions and cross-selling capabilities
- Omni-channel order management, including buy online/pick up in store
- Advanced personalisation
- Web Content Management
- Business tools with language support for Simplified Chinese
- User-generated content (e.g. customer reviews)
- Reporting

This is incredibly useful so you don't have to rebuild and adapt older or incumbent systems to the task, or increase your baseline commerce capabilities before globalising them.

Key advantages

The key advantage with the accelerator is as the name suggests…speed, and with a healthy dose of simplicity, stability and most importantly cultural acceptance of what your building and thus assuring your sales success.

If you're looking to increase your international footprint in the booming Chinese eCommerce market, then the Hybris China Accelerator can help you:

- Build a sophisticated omni-channel commerce solution, based on best practices and specifically designed for the Chinese commerce market requirements.
- Reduce time-to-market by more than half with a preconfigured storefront design, straightforward coding, sample data and precise technical documentation.
- Integrate with China's biggest social networking sites for a cohesive user experience.
- Offer customers convenient ordering with modern, user-friendly checkout processes adapted to the Chinese market without having to build from scratch or endlessly test.
- Future-proof your omni-channel commerce solution
- Improve conversion
- Simplify the content management process.

Regardless of whether you are on Hybris already, if you're looking to China as a point of sale for the near future, then Hybris offers a great foundation to build a thriving Chinese eCommerce business on.

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