Big changes are coming to the Google Partners programme

By Anne-Laure Charpentier | 18 Feb 2020

Google will launch its new Google Partners programme in June 2020 and big changes are coming. The programme provides badging and certification for advertising agencies that manage Google ad accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses.

On the one hand, agencies that meet the new set of requirements will be able to use updated product capability categories, as well as improved programme benefits to better support the business needs of their customers. However, the requirements that will need to be met in order for companies to maintain their Google Partner status are substantial.


The 90-days ad spend requirement will double from $10,000 to $20,000 across managed accounts, to show that the company has a good amount of activity. This could have a significant impact on whether or not consultants are able to qualify for Partner status.

User certification

At least half of the Agency’s eligible users that have access to the manager account will need to have an updated Google Ads certification from Skillshop.

Company performance

Agencies will need to pay special attention to the recommendation tab to see the actions that they can take to improve their performance as Google will start to evaluate the optimisation score in their manager account and ask them to meet a performance requirement. Until now, performance has been based on a company’s growth in overall revenue and number of advertisers, as well as revenue growth and retention of clients. As of June 2020, performance will be based on whether or not a company follows Google’s optimisation score recommendations.