Blogger posts now affecting Google Search results

By Greenlight | 06 Jul 2011

Over the past few months we've seen some interesting changes to Google search making it more socially compatible. First Google launched the +1 button, which left many initially underwhelmed. However, when Google+ launched, many changed their tunes. It wasn't long before people started seeing their first set of personalized results based on what their friends had +1 and shared.

This was cool, don't get me wrong, but a few days ago I discovered something even cooler. I was doing some self indulgent Googling (don't judge me) and I found this:

Wait-a-minute! Why is my friend Emily Hanhan's brunch blog showing in my search results? Huzzah! Blogger posts are now affecting search results, even retroactively. Even more intersting is that Emily has not connected this particular blog to her Google+ profile.  How long before google scrapes non blogger blogs and connects them to the author's google plus profiles? Yes, I know there are a lot of kinks that would have to be worked out for this to be successful. However this only supports my suspicions that Google is planning on making authors a key point of search- verified or not. Food for thought compadres, food for thought. Social search, baby it's happening.