Changes to COVID-19 SERPs

By Agata Bowden | 18 Mar 2020

Coronavirus results pages have become ad-free resource hubs on Bing, Google, and other search engines. In these unprecedented times we all need to change our behaviours, adapt strategies, and respond promptly and responsibly to the crisis. The search giants are doing exactly that.

Bing, along with other search engines, has transformed its results pages into non-commercialised resource hubs for people looking for coronavirus information. Google has also added an SOS alert, safety tips, and ‘affected area’ rich result boxes to its coronavirus results page. This transformation of search results pages into ad-free resource hubs that provide data from various trusted sources and present recent news, videos and interactive maps is common during times of crisis.

Bing has also launched an interactive COVID-19 tracker. The tool displays the number of confirmed cases worldwide, as well as active, recovered, and fatal cases. The data can be filtered by geographic region and provides the user with access to relevant localised news and video.

All these changes show how promptly search engines have responded to the current needs of the user. It reflects the need for a thorough, informative, responsible approach to content, and total transparency in this difficult time.