Facebook announces four new mobile ad formats

By Alan Ngo | 09 Jul 2016

1. Creative Hub

A new online platform to help agencies and brands make the most of creative ads for mobile devices. The new tool is designed to allow advertising creatives the ability to review and test different mobile formats on both Facebook and Instagram. The creative hub benefits small to mid-sized agencies and brands, removing any dependencies on outsourcing designers and creatives as well as cutting down on waiting times and costs.

2. Upgrading Canvas

Canvas is an ad that expands to full screen when clicked and is an immersive, 'storytelling' ad format. Since Canvas was launched globally in February, ads have enjoyed increased view times and engagement from users. Facebook is pushing updates to make the design, create and share process much easier and to include more detailed metrics (such as clicks per component, dwell time, etc). Furthermore, Canvas can now also be used for organic posts.
This ad format has already proven to be successful and thanks to the new updates, advertisers now have another useful feature in their social marketing toolbox.

3. Adding Audience Insights API

The Audience Insights API will give advertisers better insights into the audience they're serving. This feature uses aggregated and anonymous demographics, psychographics, topic data and reports from Facebook IQ and is now currently in beta.
In-depth analysis of your existing audience can give you great insights which, in turn, can greatly improve the way you create and use your ads. Benefits include engagement-focused or sales-focused ads being shown to specified audiences at particular times of the day.

4. Improving Slideshow ads

An already popular ad format, Slideshow allows easy creation of video ads from still images. New features include the ability to create slideshow ads from mobile devices, audio and text overlay and an integration with Facebook's Pages and Shutterstock photo libraries.
The ability to showcase more images will greatly benefit advertisers that sell a varied range of products, useful for the likes of travel or consumer electronics brands, for example.

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