Greenlight, Sky Poker and the world Guinness cardstacking record holder invite you to watch the live knockdown of our giant house of cards

By Greenlight | 16 Feb 2012

We've been working on a hugely exciting integrated digital and offline campaign for Sky Poker. Designed to compliment Sky Poker's Play the Nation promotion ( #playthenation ), we've recruited the skills of two times Guinness world record holder of cardstacking , Bryan Berg, to build a British landmark, as voted for by Sky Poker's Facebook fans.

The conclusion of the opening voting process saw Sky Poker's Facebook fans vote for Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment to be built, and work commenced on 15th February. The seven day build concludes tomorrow, 21st February and the results are truly astonishing. Click through the photo to check out a full gallery, from the Sky Poker Facebook page.

By combining a digital approach with an offline strategy, we've generated interest across traditional channels, including an appearance on BBC's 'This Morning' programme. That's enabled us to leverage the discussion it generated across digital channels (social and PR) to drive traffic to the Sky Poker homepage and respective social properties.

And folks, the campaign itself is far from over; the completed build can be viewed any time right up until 27th February, when we'll then be running a knockdown event with the whole structure destroyed.

Feel free to pop down and say hi to some of the Greenlight staff accompanying the build, who are also fielding any questions you might have between 2pm and 10pm each day until the knockdown. Venue is Aspers Casino, Westfield, Stratford.

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