Instagram – Why it should feature in your social strategy

By Greenlight | 03 Sep 2015

With over 400 million users worldwide, there's no doubt among marketers that Instagram is a platform well worth taking advantage of. What perhaps isn't as clear to all is how it fits into a successful wider digital strategy: should you be repurposing your website or blog content, creating Instagram-only campaigns, or getting an expert photographer to do it all for you?

In short, it depends. A brand in a visually-led sector such as travel or fashion, for example, is likely to have a different story to share and different resources compared to a business in a more service-led industry, such as a bank.

The key thing to remember is that Instagram is a platform in its own right, and whilst 'standalone' content might not work or be worth it for every brand out there, Instagram shouldn't be treated as an afterthought at any point. Lazy posts that are of poor quality and provide neither new entertainment nor new information won't work well.

What options are there?

So what if you aren't sure what the 'right' content is, or you simply can't create it?

Work with someone who can.

Including influencers in your Instagram strategy and vice versa can be extremely beneficial. Independent content creators have dedicated audiences who are often far more engaged than those following brand feeds. Not only that, but they will have a vast amount of experience creating content for social media.

YouTuber, blogger and Instagrammer Brogan Mooney - or Brogan Tate XO to her followers - knows all about the importance of uploading strong content regularly across several social platforms.

 "My audience follow my Instagram because they find me relatable and enjoy knowing what things I'm liking. I post a variety of photos including the things I eat, the clothes I'm wearing and the places I travel to, because these are things my followers want to know."

 "Smart brands are increasingly choosing to work with people like myself over more traditional endorsers because we can speak to our audience much more intimately" Brogan adds.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is how to choose the right influencers, and how to approach them once found - a quality brand ambassador won't give you the time of day if you don't nurture that relationship carefully. Brogan states "I thoroughly enjoy working with brands. It adds variety to my channel and can also boost my own following in some cases. I get contacted by lots of brands every day, so it's just really important the approach is right."