The GDPR to inspire greater creativity in customer acquisition campaigns

By Vimal Patel | 06 Dec 2017

According to a new piece of research conducted by the DMA Awards on 249 senior marketers, the level of awareness  related to the GDPR is higher than ever. Interestingly, the research revealed that 71% of marketers believe the GDPR will inspire greater creativity in customer acquisition campaigns over the next five years, highlighting a clear shift in perspective. We've moved from a lack of understanding, uncertainty and fear on how to prepare for GDPR and its implications, to a place where we've got greater awareness and understanding of the directives, as well as clarity on how to adapt.

Using data to make creative decisions

84% of respondents stated that the role of data is to inform, rather than supplement creativity. As such, the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations will restrict the way data is obtained and processed, as well as the technology we're allowed to use - so marketers should develop a strong understanding of how to work within these regulations, and how to use them as a decision-making tool.

The GDPR directives provide a clear indication of how to engage with target consumers without over-relying on data, which should encourage marketers to be more creative in how data is used to influence their strategy, planning and execution of campaigns.

Balancing the value exchange with consumers

The GDPR will change the dynamics of marketing interaction with audiences (an example is the email opt-in requirement), and most likely it'll also impact how consumers think about their own data, as they become increasingly aware its value to marketers. As a result, a greater level of trust and engagement will be needed for consumers to be willing to relinquish consent; setting a challenge as well as an opportunity for marketers to creatively think of ways to establish trust. This transferral of power from the industry to consumers is also reflected by the survey findings, with 45% of marketers noting the GDPR will benefit consumers, and 39% saying it'll improve customer offerings.

This shift in the industry perspective to make the most of data in a compliant and responsible manner, along with a greater focus on creative and engaging ways to communicate with customers, paints a much more optimistic, forward-thinking picture of what customer acquisition campaigns will look like in the years to come.

On that note, Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA, says "Those organisations that put creativity at the heart of a customer-centric approach, not simply viewing the new laws as simple a legal issue, will thrive in this new environment".