The planning and buying of TV advertising

By Elena Vendramin | 02 Oct 2017

On the 18th of October, we had the pleasure of hosting Ian Lomas and James Wilkins from integrated media and marketing agency RP2 Global for a talk on TV advertising planning and buying, as part of our Greenlight Academy training and development programme. Ian and James touched on key themes and experiences from their years in the broadcasting industry, highlighting the value of TV within the digital mix.


Live broadcast TV is still the most popular form of video

This might sound surprising in today's digital-first world, but it's important to consider that traditional TV viewing remains at an average of 2.5 hours per day, and accounts for 30% of the UK's total ad spend.

Scheduling is everything

In broadcasting, securing the right ad spot for a client is the top priority. Based on an initial schedule provided by the channel, execs need to negotiate on placements to ensure their ads get the best possible airtime position, budget permitting. People and negotiation skills are a must!

60/40 split between brand and sales activation

James Wilkins made a strong point of advising that all planner's strategies should have brand identity at their core, as many companies will approach agencies looking for immediate fixes, and often these quick fixes come hand in hand with branding inconsistencies.

Sponsorships and partnerships are the future

An emblematic example of a good partnership is the X Factor and Just Eat one, which spans across all platforms - and even into live events. Proving to be highly beneficial for both parties, this example shows how TV advertising now encompasses much more than the traditional commercials we've grown used to.


Currently, TV advertising agencies are opening up to more data-driven planning strategies which use technology such as Sky AdSmart (currently in operation in 27% of Sky homes), allowing planners to gather information about viewers and target similar groups through the programmes they watch. Although there's room for improvement when applying this approach in TV, digital methods are really catching on.

Synergies across platforms and creative thinking

These elements are becoming increasingly necessary to remain competitive. Although TV isn't dying, the channel has seen a massive change. Digital marketers need to consider this when approaching broad client briefs and providing advice and work.

You can listen to our podcast on TV planning and buying with Ian and James on our Greencast channel