Unlock our digital tips in 'The 12 Days of a Greenlight Christmas'

By Catriona Macleod | 06 Dec 2013

This week, Greenlight unveiled 'The 12 days of a Greenlight Christmas' in which our digital marketing experts will be providing their top tips and predictions for marketers in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. "" In The 12 Days of a Greenlight Christmas, a new door will be unlocked each day and will provide an insightful tip for digital marketers, to aid their 2014 strategies. Topics include SEO, Paid Media, eCommerce, content and web design, plus Greenlight's CEO, Warren Cowan and COO, Andreas Pouros, will be providing their predictions for 2014. So far, we have unlocked tips from Lead Copywriter, Victoria Galloway, who advised marketers to 'produce smart content that uses your assets, is entrenched in research, is useful information and is ahead of the curve.' On day 2, Lead Designer, Ben Mckeown predicted that the next big trend in web design will be designing for performance. He commented that 'responsive design has truly been a game-changer for designers and in some ways is the great solution to the mobile conundrum.' "" On Day 3, SEO Director, Adam Bunn's tip focused on blogging for SEO 'as content becomes more and more important to the overall success of SEO, the extra 10% or so benefit you'll get from integrating content directly into your main domain can be very important.' Day 4 saw Kevin Murray, Director of eCommerce and Technology discuss how retailers should expand into international markets. 'When a retailer decides to expand into international markets, they need to ensure they provide the most common and efficient payment options for that territory on their website. This gives confidence to shoppers in that territory that their payments are secure and that the brand is committed to do business in their region.' The 12 Days of a Greenlight Christmas runs until 18th December so make sure to check back every day (excluding weekends) for your 12 top tips for a successful Christmas and a Digital New Year!

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