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Improving Currys PC World’s SEO and direct traffic for games consoles by 168.35% through an all-encompassing SEO strategy

The Objectives

  • Achieve eight links to its site, with an overall average DA of 30
  • Increase SEO and direct traffic for consoles by 50%
  • Increase overall reach for consoles by 2.5%
  • Increase reach for Sony gaming products by 5%
  • Increase reach for Xbox gaming products by 2.5%

The Strategy

  • We drew insights from our data management platform, YouGov profiles, searches on Google, and social trends on Twitter to gather data over a five-year timeframe on UK gamers
  • We devised a data-led campaign that would drill down into the people playing games in the UK, which highlighted core trends and personas
  • The information was compiled into an engaging post, which was outreached to gaming sites with the intent of attracting high-quality links

The Results

  • 19 referring domains and 51 backlinks to the content page
  • Average domain authority (DA) of referring domains was 44
  • SEO and direct traffic for consoles increased by 168.35%, a 236.7% improvement on our 50% target
  • Overall reach for consoles increased by 3.93%, a 57.2% improvement on our 2.5% target
  • Reach for Sony gaming products increased by 13.39%, a 167.8% improvement on our 5% target
  • Reach for Xbox gaming products increased by 3.17%, a 26.8% improvement on our 2.5% target