Improving organic search-driven traffic to Fish4job’s website and increasing brand awareness through a comprehensive strategy

The Objectives

  • Improve the share of natural search-driven traffic to
  • Increase Fish4jobs’ revenue by offering their advertisers a greater audience
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy capable of increasing brand awareness

The Strategy

  • We conducted a full keyword analysis, exploring more than 3000 search terms and investigated the related volumes of traffic and recorded rankings
  • We then completed a site audit that assessed accessibility, relevancy and credibility
  • We made specific refinements to the code, provided expertly written SEO copy and enhanced the delivery of new pages to improve site functionality
  • Finally, we implemented an accelerated online PR programme to identify credible and relevant sites that could be linked back to Fish4jobs by providing the sites with opinion pieces, commentaries and research to improve their editorials and features

The Results

  • Traffic increased by 371%
  • First position for the keyword “jobs”
  • 311% increase in search traffic
  • First position for the keyword “recruitment”