Using automation to achieve rapid growth for Footasylum in the run up to Black Friday

The Objectives

  • To significantly increase Footasylum’s brand awareness and visibility in just one year
  • To hit a blended ROAS target of 896% as part of our plan to achieve rapid growth

The Strategy

We used automation to allow the team to focus on testing and strategic growth. Automated rules in AdWords and DoubleClick Search flagged performance changes, and DoubleClick Search alerts flagged any dips in performance.

  • We used AdWords and DoubleClick Search bid strategies to optimise performance, constantly ensuring to adopt the strategy which would work best for each section of the account
  • We used Adaptive Shopping in DoubleClick Search to break out top performing products, and overlaid those ad groups with bid strategies to automate the process of pushing these products harder
  • We implemented Dynamic Search Ads with a granular categories breakout and used to target the remarketing lists, harnessing learnings from the campaigns and using them to manually build generic campaigns
  • Our feed optimisation tool was used to automate the basics to ensure products were correct before going live, including:
    • Adding size, gender, and colour into product titles
    • Adjusting ‘brand’ colour keywords with more basic, primary colour keywords
    • Correcting empty or broken landing pages

The Results

  • Our approach helped us significantly grow Footasylum’s generic visibility 
  • We exceeded the ROAS target by 10% due to our automation strategy