Increasing ghd’s sales by 15% through a unique multi-channel Christmas campaign

The Objectives

We were tasked with achieving three core objectives:

  • Achieve 24 million impressions
  • Reach 7 million unique users
  • Achieve 2,500 sales

The Strategy

  • We identified, segmented and targeted two sets of audiences – ‘Giftees’ and ‘Gifters’ – by placing retargeting pixels and Dynamic Product Tags throughout ghd’s site and email communications
  • We targeted behavioural intent audiences - ‘the giftees’ - across PMPs, driving them to engage with the ghd site and choose a product they wanted to ‘send a hint’ about for Christmas
  • They could ‘send a hint’ about the product with specific messaging to their ‘gifters’. This was achieved through first party data stored in cookies dropped from the giftee’s onsite ‘‘hint’’ interaction. The gifters were identified through a cookie dropped via the corresponding ‘hint’ email and Dynamic Product Ads were served to them featuring the giftees chosen product
  • The giftees audience was sequentially retargeted, driving engagement with ghd’s site and social platforms

The Results

  • 10 million unique users reached
  • 95% increase in click through rate (CTR)
  • 38 million impressions garnered
  • Core display activity delivered strong impression numbers, coming in at 58% above planned impression delivery
  • Results achieved a CPA of £81
  • Paid social was effective at delivering a healthy sales volume and reducing the target CPA by 19%
  • 95% increase in CTR, significantly surpassing forecasts
  • Reached 10 million unique users
  • The campaign popularity and strong targeting enabled the campaign to achieve a 43% increase in unique users reached based on original forecasted estimations
  • 15% increase in sales