Optimising ghd’s UK affiliate programme to drive a 368% increase in revenue

The Objectives

ghd asked us to revive its affiliate programme by:

  • Generating a 300% increase in revenue
  • Keeping costs to a minimum, working to a strict cost-per-acquisition
  • Optimising performance during promotional periods
  • Employing a brand-protection strategy

The Strategy

  • We reduced ghd’s base commission rates in order to increase cost efficiencies and used any savings to optimise performance through increased commission rates during key trading periods and promotions
  • We proposed significant opportunities with top and middle tier voucher code publishers which would generate a lot of traffic given ghd’s brand popularity and recognition; by listing on-site offers such as free delivery, we were able to capitalise on this traffic whilst maintaining ghd’s positioning as a premium brand
  • We ran a free hairbrush promotion which ran off the back of strong traffic and conversion rates, which served as an additional revenue generator

The Results

During the time the free hairbrush promotion was live, we achieved:

  • 368% increase in revenue
  • 314% increase in transactions
  • 141% increase in traffic
  • 80% increase in conversion rate
  • 13% increase in average order value