Maison de Fleurs

Helping business bloom for Maison de Fleurs

The Objectives

Maison de Fleurs is a luxury events florist that focuses on supreme client expertise as well as producing bespoke floral masterpieces. Historically the business was known for delivering services to other businesses, however the boutique florist wanted to move into lifestyle and B2C work – a fiercely competitive market.

We were approached in June 2017 to help expand its digital offering to customers, with a focus on content and lifestyle engagement.

The Strategy

  • Maison de Fleurs already used Drupal, an open source CMS, and it wanted to retain this platform with minimal disruption through the build process; using moltin – a customisable, API-first eCommerce platform – we developed a microservices eCommerce solution on top of its existing system
  • This allowed us to quickly deliver a highly aesthetic solution where the experience was the focus of the journey and wasn’t constrained by out-of-the-box transactional templates
  • We also used our data management platform (DMP) to better understand the Maison de Fleurs audience; by analysing the data, we were able to gain key insights into Maison de Fleurs’ customers, which we used to create work that spoke clearly to core audiences it wanted to reach

The Results

  • Fast deployment: Fully responsive eCommerce site delivered within three months
  • Scalable: Built to enable quick product expansion as the business grows
  • Customer-centric: Highly targeted content that speaks beautifully to the customer