Driving efficiencies and performance for Musicroom using Facebook's automation features

The Objectives

Musicroom offers hundreds of thousands of different products, tailored to suit every musician’s need. Social media is a core channel for both customer acquisition and engagement for Musicroom, so the need to investigate the best way to maximise product exposure to the right audience while avoiding the manual setup of product ads and granular audiences became apparent. Furthermore, we needed to develop a method to optimise these campaigns at scale across a multitude of products. Our core goals were to increase site traffic and drive revenue through Facebook activity.

The Strategy

To optimise the time spent setting up ads manually and maximise the performance across the campaigns, we proposed a dynamic approach to advertising on social media:

  • We set up dynamic remarketing ads targeted at basket abandoners, product page visitors, and other website audiences as part of an always-on re-engagement strategy
  • We also set up dynamic retargeting ads targeted at broad in-market audiences as a means of growing our customer database, excluding users who had previously been exposed to the brand
  • Dynamic campaigns would ensure that the most relevant products among Musicroom’s expansive inventory were served to the most appropriate audiences, capitalising on Facebook’s advanced technology which responds to user information

The Results

Switching to dynamic remarketing and dynamic retargeting of broad in-market audiences allowed us to automate audience targeting and product advertising while increasing catalogue sales and maximising return on ad spend (ROAS).

Dynamic retargeting of broad in-market audiences to increase site traffic:

  • CTR increased by 197%
  • CPC decreased by 57%

Dynamic retargeting of website users to drive revenue: 

  • CTR increased by 178%
  • Revenue increased 42%
  • ROAS improvement of 36%
  • CPC decreased by 66%