Audio Network

Using smart display campaigns to help Audio Network drive registrations and increase conversion rate

"Display marketing was a new acquisition channel for us, and with our agency’s help and guidance proved to be a very robust and successful avenue for growth."

Neil Hall-Watts, Head of Global Digital Marketing, Audio Network

The Objectives

Audio Network was generating a consistent number of registrations through paid search campaigns, but heavy competition on brand and generic keywords meant that the cost per conversion was rising. We needed to find a new way to drive growth which would work alongside the existing paid search campaigns.

The Strategy

  • We set up a range of display campaign types as a test and ran them in parallel to assess which one would produce the best results
  • We tested Gmail advertising campaigns and utilised standard ads on the Google Display Network to compare with historic activity, to reach both new and existing customers
  • We trialled smart display campaigns with responsive display ads to drive an increase in registrations and make the ads as relevant as possible for the customer

The Results

  • The smart display campaigns generated 722 new registrations
  • We increased the conversion rate by 300%
  • The cost per conversion went down by 275%
  • Click through rate increased by 150%