Using programmatic display to drive increased awareness and sales for Superdry’s A/W jacket campaign.

The Objectives

Our goals were to:

  • Maximise visibility of Superdry's jacket campaign by using a channel the brand had never used before
  • Influence significant year-on-year improvements in traffic, engagement and sales
  • Only target users outside of the Google Ad Exchange to avoid reaching the same audience as Google (where simultaneous digital activity was running)

The Strategy

  • We split the campaign out into three channels: video, prospecting on the open exchange (excluding Google Ad Exchange) with third party data, and retargeting based on intent
  • Challenges when excluding Google Ad Exchange, such as lower inventory and increased premiums led to the strategic decision to utilise TubeMogul, a video demand-side platform (DSP) that allowed us to combine custom data audience segments with third party inventory and target users across a multitude of premium publishers and placements
  • Regularly optimising activity via data segments meant that key KPIs such as views and CTR could be scaled up at an effective cost

The Results

Our TubeMogul video campaign outperformed forecasted and industry-wide targets, seeing us achieve:

  • 13% more impressions at only a 0.3% increase in cost
  • 65% lower CPC and 11% lower CPM
  • 160% increase in forecasted CTR and 192% increase on forecasted clicks
  • Total viewability level of 79% against the industry benchmark of 40%
  • Total view time for the video across the campaign was 158 days