Creating ‘super valuable’ content with data

By Daisy Atkinson | 01 Aug 2016

Experts say we need more 'super valuable content' in 2016, and, while tired of platitudes we may be, done with creating valuable content we are not!

One excellent way to create valuable content is with data. But, as always, there's a knack to it.

Make a solid argument

A solid argument comes from solid sources - which should always be provided - and clear analyses. No one wants to watch their argument unravel like cheap underwear with the slight application of pressure. It has to be robust, reliable and visible, like the stuff your mum wears.

You might still be inclined to make scary but clearly baseless claims to win your audience's attention, and if that's your thing then there's a "200 PERCENT CHANCE THAT NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOUR CONTENT". Although some people will believe anything, this isn't a guaranteed strategy and won't attract long-term investors in your content.

Say what you mean

Not everyone has the enviable privilege of agonising over a spreadsheet for hours on end, so being clear about how you calculated your argument, through thorough explanation of the data, is vital. Tell people what you were aiming to find - so your motives are clear - and how you got there.

Win trust

It's also good to tell your audience when and where there's room for error and misinterpretation, and how else your own results might be interpreted.

Honesty really is the best policy, particularly when so many out there are ready to bend innocent, young data to their twisted will.

Being crystal clear about your data's limitations and possible interpretations will build trust, and, given your knowledge of these limitations, you can build a more convincing argument that doesn't play to these weaknesses.

Good data gets noticed

Content that's valuable is worth something to other publications. So if you can provide an honest, open and accurate investigation in the presentation of your data, publications will be able to use, repurpose, and redistribute your data with ease and precision.