Greenlight shortlisted for two awards at the Regional Bing Partner Awards

By | 16 Jan 2019

This year’s Regional Bing Partner Awards finalists were announced on the 15th of January, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re finalists in two categories: the ‘Optimiser Award’, which recognises the partner that best leverages Bing Ads tools and insights for smart, innovative optimisation solutions; and the ‘Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award’, which rewards the partner that demonstrates the most innovative strategies and thinking to grow their business success through Microsoft Advertising products.

Optimiser Award

Our objective for Rajapack was to ensure we were targeting the most relevant customers at different stages of the purchase journey across core markets: the UK, France, and Sweden. We also needed to focus on a B2B target audience, despite a large portion of relevant searches being diluted by terms which would also be relevant to B2C customers, such as "cardboard boxes", "envelopes", "postal packaging", and "packaging". As core keywords didn’t contain explicit wording implying whether the product was B2B or B2C oriented, we needed to optimise our strategy to ensure we were only driving qualified traffic to Rajapack’s site without driving up costs.

In order to grow Rajapack’s paid search activity, we planned a full-funnel approach through Bing Ads, which focused on mapping out customer touchpoints at different stages of the purchase journey so that only qualified traffic was attracted to its site. To increase Rajapack’s site visitor audience pool eligible for remarketing, we made use of Bing Shopping campaigns to drive additional traffic to site. We optimised ads within the Shopping results to immediately serve a specialised product to the user, which included the relevant product description and image in order to remove the risk of paying for B2C user clicks and, ultimately, result in more qualified traffic to the website. We made use of larger remarketing lists to push brand and generic keywords across Bing Ads to give complete control over copy and messaging at the top of the search engine results page.

Our activity led to a 156% year-on-year increase in total click-through rate, a 243% year-on-year increase in Shopping clicks, a 26% year-on-year increase in total revenue – all at a 13% ROAS increase.

Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award

As an agency, we put a lot of effort into this area. A key focus for us is on our people; they’re our experts, the go-to people that clients want to work with and learn from. We’re committed to continuous learning and development, and look to empower staff and give them the freedom to pursue things that most aren’t able to in their working career, whether that be helping out local charities or doing pro bono work. We want to nurture our people’s desire to give back and to do good, and our pleased that our Greenlight Gives initiatives have been so well received.

Furthermore, we know that to get the most out of our people, we need to deliver value outside of job satisfaction. We want Greenlight to be a place where people can learn, improve, and grow. From yoga and mindfulness classes to talent programmes to flexible working opportunities, we want Greenlight to be a company that people love working at and that can flex to support the learning and development paths of our people. Giving our staff that space to think, recharge, be creative, and collaborate with one another outside of work projects enables everyone to feel included and become a part of a bigger cause.

In terms of our charitable initiatives, the consistency and range of initiatives allows everyone to take part when and where they can. This allows us to manage work commitments, all while being able to dedicate time to charitable causes when possible.

The ceremony

The Regional Bing Partner Awards recognise and reward outstanding work among Bing’s partner agencies, technology partners, teams, and individuals working across Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. We’re very proud to be finalists at the awards and look forward to when the winners will be announced.

The winners will be announced on 20th February at an award ceremony in Amsterdam.