Greenlight wins at the Microsoft Advertising Regional Partner Awards 2019

By Jennie Kitchin | 05 Dec 2019

We’re excited to announce that we won the Growth Hacker of the Year award at the Microsoft Advertising Regional Partner Awards 2019, which took place on 4th December in Munich. The Microsoft Advertising awards celebrate the partners that create impactful, innovative, creative and performance-driven work in the search and performance marketing space.

“Performance advertising continues to be a dominant force across the industry and modern marketers are pushing the limits of what’s possible. Microsoft Advertising empowers them with a platform that harnesses the power of AI to drive deeper and more meaningful engagements at scale, as well as to better understand the evolving consumer decision journey” said Tor Thompson, EMEA Regional Director, Microsoft Advertising.

“Microsoft Advertising is delighted to show our appreciation and to acknowledge the highly accomplished skills and passion from Greenlight with the Growth Hacker of the Year award. Our partners are critical to driving scale in our business and those who lead in this space, in their partnership with Microsoft, are second to none and embody the spirit of collaboration, joint ideation and integration” added Sean O’Connor, Marketing Director for Europe.

The Growth Hacker award recognises agencies that demonstrate innovation and a growth hacking use of Microsoft Advertising tools, products, insights and solutions. We’re incredibly happy to have taken home such a prestigious award.

Our win was for the work we did with Legal & General Investment Management (L&G) to find new and innovative ways to engage with its desired audience. We tweaked the ad groups within two of L&G’s highest traffic-driving campaigns in order to fit the profiles of seven different audience segments, which we had enhanced by overlaying LinkedIn audiences. We sought to match our tailored ad copy with the specific ‘psychological intent’ of the people within each segment, which saw us coin the campaigns as ‘Psychology Strand’ campaigns. We saw astounding results; our ‘Psychology Strand’ campaigns delivered a CVR increase of 523% at a -80% CPA. We also brought in higher value customers, as we found that the average investment value of people who had converted via our campaigns was 215% higher, making them the ideal demographic for L&G. The audience capabilities within Microsoft Ads allowed us to deliver a truly audience-first strategy.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the project, winning the Microsoft Advertising Growth Hacker award is a great testament to all the hard work and dedication that went into it, and really underlines the amazing results our teams are driving for our clients.

You can find the full list of winners here.