How we achieved a 372% ROAS for ASICS’ Onitsuka Tiger eCommerce site through an integrated digital strategy

The Objectives

  • Increase visibility and traffic to the Onitsuka Tiger eCommerce site
  • Launch the remake of the iconic Mexico 66 Delegation shoe while driving revenue at a target ROAS of 300%

The Strategy

  • We launched the search campaigns through a phased keyword match type strategy that allowed for expansion at scale
  • We identified key consumer behaviour trends through testing analysis, which helped us identify and optimise audience targeting further
  • A flexible paid search and Shopping bid strategy allowed us to achieve optimum visibility at the lowest CPC possible while maintaining a high impression share
  • We implemented day parting and cross-device strategies to leverage our data based on previous visitors to the site
  • Our attribution model allowed us to invest more in certain campaigns, which resulted in driving higher sales volumes

The Results

  • Our innovative bid strategy led to an increase in ROAS, which started at 131% when the product launched and soared to 372% in the first 17 days of activity
  • Ad copy testing allowed us to improve CVR by 10%, jumping from 2.19% to 2.41%
  • Landing page optimisations encouraged a 50% decrease in bounce rate, going from 24.45% to 12.07%, marking a significant improvement when compared with industry benchmarks for bounce rate, which are set at 26%- 40%
  • Despite several resellers competing aggressively in the paid search space, we managed to achieve an impression share above 97% while maintaining average CPC’s as low as €0.76
  • Landing pages with gender facet saw bounce rates decrease to 12.07%, a significant improvement when compared to those with no gender facet, which had a 19.53% bounce rate