Bolt Burdon Kemp

Increasing Bolt Burdon Kemp’s organic traffic by 199% through SEO, conversion rate optimisation, UX, content marketing, and digital PR activity

The Objectives

  • Increase organic traffic to Bolt Burdon Kemp’s medical negligence site pages by 64% year-on-year and grow the number of enquiries to the negligence site pages by 118% year-on-year

The Strategy

  • We implemented a mixture of on-page SEO, conversion rate optimisation, and UX improvements and created new, relevant content for link building purposes, in order to improve organic visibility for medical negligence-related terms and site UX
  • We then outreached relevant medical negligence content to top tier press publications

The Results

  • The number of sessions to medical negligence site pages increased by 199%, a result 211.31% above the target
  • Medical negligence-related enquiries increased by 121%, 2.90% higher than our already ambitious target
  • Our content campaign was featured in 20 major UK news publications, including the Daily Mail