Urban Outfitters

Enabling Urban Outfitters to expand from three markets to 13 in one year

The Objectives

Urban Outfitters wanted to enter more markets in Europe and replicate the strong brand presence and sales it enjoyed in the UK.

The Strategy

  • We streamlined paid search by splitting the account up into relevant countries, making it easier to truly localise PPC campaigns
  • We also reduced reliance on brand terms and grew visibility of non-brand clothing ranges and generic terms
  • Finally, we researched native designs, trends and regional festivals, building localised PPC campaigns around them

The Results

  • Expansion from three markets to 13
  • 50% increase in conversions across all markets
  • 105% increase in revenue across all markets
  • 66% cost-per-action (CPA) reduction for PLAs
  • For every £1 spent, Urban Outfitters received a £12 return