Savile Row

Devising a robust PPC strategy for Savile Row, resulting in an ROI of 667%

The Objectives

When Savile Row approached us, its paid search strategy was limited in terms of reach and cost-effectiveness, and its campaigns were short on keywords and coverage. Savile Row set us two clear objectives: increase ROI from 100% to 500%, and lower cost-per-acquisition to less than £30.

The Strategy

  • We initiated an extensive pre-campaign analysis which revealed Savile Row’s existing campaigns were limited in number, and lacked major keywords and coverage
  • Changes were immediately made to the ad copy, particularly in terms of updating offers, with each new offer reflected in the copy and the appropriate keywords bidded on
  • To ensure ad copy was as relevant as possible, we carried out A/B testing, which helped us work out which permutations would be most profitable
  • Finally, we mirrored Savile Row’s site structure with keywords; we added long-tail keywords and targeted each stage at the user journey from first search to sale, creating campaigns that reflected the different keywords used at each point

The Results

  • 451% increase in online sales: in the six months leading up to Christmas
  • 680% increase in year-on-year sales
  • 667% increase in ROI by month six of the campaign
  • 169% decrease in CPA in just three months, making it £8.14