Why you should re-examine your ad messaging during COVID-19

By Harriet Shaw | 20 Apr 2020

Using data to make informed messaging updates is now more essential than ever before. With search trends and user behaviour changing rapidly, using tools like Google Trends is a useful way to discover shifts in search interest and make informed decisions around which campaigns to push, and how to adapt PPC ad copy.

As many brands are seeing a drop in conversion rates during this time, there is an opportunity to focus on upper funnel activity. Jay Stampfl, CEO of Blackbird PPC, advised recently: “Move toward upper funnel conversion optimisation while building remarketing lists of people researching during COVID-19. You’ll then be able to stay top-of-mind when consumers are more inclined to buy”. So, if you focus on engagement by creating industry-relevant, thought leadership content now, while people are spending more time online working from home, then you’ll be able to retarget those customers in the future when they are more likely to purchase.

It is also vital when updating your messaging to clearly communicate empathy for your customers’ current situation and provide assurance. Google Ad’s COVID-19 guidelines suggest that brands should consider the tone and context of their ad copy and whether or not the message is helpful to the customer. Making changes to ad copy, for instance through referencing the ability to use products or services at home and highlighting shipping assistance, it will help to provide consistency and reassurance during this time of uncertainty.