The Importance Of Personalisation And Customer Experience In eCommerce

By Kevin Murray | 26 Nov 2018

Despite all the technological breakthroughs achieved over the past twenty years being devised to make our lives easier, it often feels like we have less time than ever on our hands. Thanks to the information revolution, we still attempt to pack as much as we can into our days (catching up on TV shows during our commute, checking Instagram while watching TV, having multiple WhatsApp chats, etc.), and our behaviours reflect this. Over time, we’ve become conditioned to do as many things as we can as quickly as possible. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to shopping, we expect to find and buy goods easily and quickly. To fulfil today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle, retailers need to ensure they offer experiences that allow timely – and more  importantly, relevant – engagements with customers to facilitate this. But how can relevant engagements be delivered to each